US Secretary of Transportation Pete Buttigieg visited our Foundation

We had the unique pleasure of hosting U.S. Secretary of Transportation Pete Buttigieg at our Foundation on November 9, 2023.

The Secretary visited the Świetlica Community Center to talk to the leaders of our Foundation, Olga Piasecka-Nieć, Łucja Malec-Kornajew and Elena Mykhailova, about the opportunities and challenges in rebuilding communities in Ukraine. The visit was recommended by the U.S. Consulate General in Krakow following the Secretary’s surprise trip to Kiev to discuss efforts to “restore Ukraine’s economic self-sufficiency” by supporting infrastructure reconstruction.

Pete Buttigieg summed up his meeting with us by saying: “The fact that you are thinking about rebuilding the community now shows how deep you understand the situation.”

We are happy about these words because we are trying to play a role in rebuilding the community, supporting the community of Polish and Ukrainian families in Krakow. We provide a safe space for families in refugee crisis, where they can regain strength, rebuild bonds, and turn the crisis into strength.

The Secretary came to the Kocham Dębniki Foundation straight off an overnight train from Kyiv and spent an hour visiting our Community Center Dębniki, listening carefully to the beginnings of this place and the impact it has had since opening in June 2022.

Secretary Buttigieg shared with us his perspective on the critical importance of communities in mending the fabric of post-war society. “We learned this the hard way in the United States. We did not support families enough after Vietnam. From my own experience after serving in Afghanistan, I know that we have learned from our mistakes. The fact that you are thinking about it now shows how deep you understand the situation.”

It is our great honor and privilege to share our work and vision with the United States government and an extraordinary politician like Pete Buttigieg

We would like to thank everyone who supports us, especially those who devote their time to it every day.

We also thank Amy Kemp, Matt McKissock, Cindy Henson, Ethan Evans, Piper VanOrd and Andy of the Ukraine Relief Initiative for their invaluable contributions of time, energy and heart.

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